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Practical applications according to the law on tokens and TT service providers

The blockchain and the associated applications and potentials represent one of the most significant developments in the context of digitization. This gave rise to the Liechtenstein Government’s plan to create legal certainty in this area. 

The Act on Token and TT Service Providers (Token and TT Service Provider Act; TVTG), on the other hand, is intended to regulate the Token Economy by protecting providers and users equally. The present paper therefore deals with the question of how the TVTG can be applied in the financial industry practice in Liechtenstein. In this context, the Liechtenstein approach is discussed and compared to solutions of other European jurisdictions.
Within the framework of a qualitative research method, a survey of different classical business models on practice-relevant subareas took place. With the status of the report and application of the TVTG and the findings from the data collection, assumptions have been derived for practice. These show cross-divisional relevance which are discussed in the book.


Antonia Wurzer